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+ Dutch Mill Drinking Yogurt UHT

Q : What is ready-to-drink yogurt?

A : Ready-to-drink yogurt is a dairy product made from two beneficial microbes: lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. Both microbes help digest nutrients found in the milk component of the drink. This way, our bodies can absorb such nutrients easier and faster, compared to the nutrients we get from consuming fresh milk. Blended with fruit juice, our yogurts offer a range of delicious flavors, while still maintaining their rich nutrition.

Q : What is UHT drinking yogurt?

A : UHT drinking yogurt is our high quality yogurt that has been sterilized at 108 to 110 degree Celsius for 2 to 4 seconds before being packed in clean, high-standard packaging. It conveniently enjoys a 10-month-long shelf life that does not require cold storage.

Q : What is Dutch Mill UHT drinking yogurt?

A : Dutch Mill UHT drinking yogurt is a premium drinking yogurt that is made from cow milk mixed with flavorful fruit juices and fermented with beneficial microbes. It not only features an irresistible taste, it is also full of nutritious benefits, including high calcium; vitamins B1, B2 and D; and amino acids.

Q : How many servings of Dutch Mill UHT drinking yoghurt should children consume per day, and what is the minimum age that children can consume such products?

A : Dutch Mill’s small pack is 90 ml. per serving, which is suitable for children. Therefore, we recommend that kids drink 1 to 2 servings per day. Children can drink these beverages as early as the age of 1. Nonetheless, we do recommend our drinking yogurt be consumed as a supplement to high nutrition meals.

Q : Would children get diarrhea after consuming Dutch Mill UHT drinking yoghurt Kids?

A : Children should not get diarrhea from Dutch Mill, if their consumption is consistent with our recommended daily intake. Normally, drinking yogurt is easier to consume than fresh milk, as drinking yogurt contains microbes that help digest the lactose sugar found in milk. Also, those who have lactose intolerance can consume our drinking yogurt much more readily than fresh milk products.

+ Soy Secretz

Q : What is Soy Secretz Black Sesame?

A : Soy Secretz Black Sesame is our soy milk product that contains a double concentration of black sesame and high quality soy milk. These ingredients offer a good source of soy protein and sesamin, which promote heart health. This nutritious drink also features high calcium, 0% cholesterol, and low-saturated fat.

Q : What are the benefits of Soy Secretz Black Sesame?

A : First, it is rich in antioxidants, with an amount equal to that found in six tomatoes, which helps slow down the ageing process and maintain the youthfulness of our skin and body. Soy Secretz Black Sesame also supports and strengthens our bones and body functions with its rich calcium and 13 beneficial vitamin content. This nutritious drink also features 0% cholesterol, and low saturated fat.

Q : What are the formulations of Soy Secretz Black Sesame that are currently available?

A : There are two formulations available at the moment, including Original flavor and Low Sugar. The latter contains only 1% of sugar per serving.

Q : What are the benefits of black sesame?

A : Black sesame contains many special nutrients that are beneficial, including sesamin and various other vitamins that produce antioxidants, which help our body and skin remain youthful and healthy. Black sesame is also very rich in calcium, with six times more calcium compared to cow milk and ten times more calcium than white sesame. Moreover, it contains phosphorus, which strengthens our bones; linoleic acid that reduces cholesterol levels; and other minerals and nutrients that strengthen and maintain healthy, shiny hair, among other benefits.

Q : Can children drink Soy Secretz Black Sesame?

A : Yes, they can. Soy Secretz Black Sesame is high in calcium and protein, with 13 types of beneficial vitamins – all of which help build and strengthen growing bodies and bones. Children can drink it as a supplement to their regular meals.

Q : Is Soy Secretz Black Sesame suitable for elders to drink?

A : Yes, Elders may drink our soy milk, as it is purely made from wheat and grains without any milk powder, making it easily digestible for older adults. With high levels of calcium, protein, and as many as 13 types of vitamins, Soy Secretz Black Sesame Miracalterene helps to strengthen bones and act as a good source of nutrients for elders. The product also contains 0% cholesterol.

Q : What is Soy Secretz Germinated Rice?

A : Soy Secretz Germinated Rice is the combination of specially selected premium rice germ and our high quality soy milk. It contains high protein as well as ample vitamin B12, for the healthy maintenance of our brains and neural systems.

Q : What is Gaba?

A : Gaba is one type of amino acid that helps the neurotransmitter in our central neural system. Gaba transmits, magnifies, and controls the neural signal from one neural cell to another. It also acts as an inhibitor in our brains for optimal balance, including both stimulation and relaxation.

Q : Can Soy Secretz be consumed by vegetarians?

A : Yes, all our Soy Secretz products (Soy Secretz Black Sesame, Soy Secretz Germinated Rice and Soy Secretz Corn) can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans. These products do not contain any dairy components.

Q : Does Soy Secretz contain any type of preservative?

A : All of our Soy Secretz products do not contain any type of preservative. In fact, all Dutch Mill products do not use preservatives. Our food preservation technique features the use of appropriate heating methods at specific temperatures to maintain food stability.

+ D-Malt

Q : What is the difference between D-Malt and other brands of malt extract drinks?

A : D-Malt is made from the combination of high quality fresh milk and malt that is rich in calcium, vitamins, and minerals. It is a particularly good source of vitamin D, which helps our body absorb calcium up to three times more efficiently.

Q : What are the benefits of vitamin D?

A : Vitamin D plays a key role in keeping and controlling the balance of calcium levels used by the body for bone and teeth growth. It is especially important for the physical development of children.

Q : Is it true that vitamin D helps grow bones and increase children’s heights?

A : Yes! According to research, it is clear that vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium much more efficiently. It also helps the body to draw out calcium reserves in order to build and create stronger bones.

Q : What are the types of vitamins and minerals that D-Malt contain?

A : D-Malt is very good for children during their bone development stages. It contains vitamins A, C , and E that help strengthen the immune system; vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 that help our brain function system; and vitamin D and calcium that help grow strong bones and teeth.

Q : What is the minimum age of children that can consume D-Malt?

A : Children can drink D-malt as early as the age of 1. Due to a unique and delicious formulation, D-Malt can be a great alternative source of calcium for children who require an alternative to white milk. Nonetheless, we do recommend D-Malt to be consumed as a supplement to high nutrition meals.

+ Packaging Information

Consumption Recommendations

• Do not drink after the indicated expiration date.
• Consume the entire drink when opened; do not store opened products.
• The products can be stored at room temperature.
• The product should not be kept in direct sunlight.
• Products should not be consumed if the packaging is damaged or broken, or if the products have a strange smell.
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