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NATURIE 100% Natural Corn Milk is a refreshing and healthy drink made from the sweetest and most aromatic non-GMO corn. Harvested at the height of its milk stage, the corn is characterized by soft kernels and a sweet, milky juice. The result is a flavorful treat that imparts both superior nutrition and delicious taste.

NATURIE 100% Natural Corn Milk

SKU’s available : Natural sweet corn milk

Nutritional Values
• High Vitamin A, E : Good for eye sight and good for skin
• Lutein/Zexanthin : Yellow pigment found in corn. Protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight
• Low Fat
• 100% natural corn milk

Shipping Info

180 ml
Shelf Life : 10 months
Quantity / Carton : 4 briks / pack
12 packs / carton
48 briks / carton
Net weight / Carton : 8.64 kgs/carton
Gross weight / Carton : 10.00 kgs/carton
Carton Dimension
in cm (L x W x H) : 26.0 x 41.0 x 13.0
Loading Quantity : 2,150 cartons/ 20’FCL
Shipping Info