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Dutch Mill First Class is a premium quality milk from Goulburn Valley, Australia’s dairy land. It is produced from happy, free-range cows, to ensure that the milk is pure, with an abundance of natural nutrition. In addition, Dutch Mill First Class boasts a deliciously creamy and smooth taste, making it a favorite with adults and children alike!

Dutch Mill First Class

SKU’s available : Full Cream Milk, Low Fat Milk

Nutritional Values
• Australian made superior quality milk
• Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals
• Milk from cows raised in chemical free environment
• Richer and smoother in taste

Shipping Info

Size : 1 litre
Shelf Life : 10 months
Content/ Brik : 1000 ML.
Loading quantity : 40” = 2088 Cartons
20” = 1400 cartons
Quantity/ carton : 12 briks/ carton
Net weight / Carton : 12.54 kg
Gross weight / Carton : 13.2 kg
Shipping Info